Students are encouraged to register as members of the rehab council to ensure they receive the most up-to-date information to capitalize on scholarships and other opportunities. As always, membership for students is FREE however they must be registered with the ACA (please register with your local SACA chapter). Student membership also comes with many of the great benefits given to professional members which include:

Educational Symposium

The annual Rehab Symposium offers the most contemporary learning environment lead by leaders in the field of physiologic therapeutics and rehabilitation. Social hours and luncheons offer networking opportunities among dedicated rehab specialists and the impressive list of vendors exposes students to the latest technologies in the field. Ambitious students can also participate in the poster contest for a chance to win money toward your education (or whatever you deem an education expense)! Discounts are offered to members too. As an added perk, students in clinicals can apply their symposium hours toward a diplomate!!! See this year's speakers and register here.

Rehab Networking

The Rehab Council brings together students from every college in a variety of platforms. We maintain multiple social media pages which features videos, blogs, highlights, and posts opportunities to meet rehab specialists across the country. Many student members are also featured here to see how the organization grows from our youngest contributors. Find more information, clubs, and content by visiting our Student Classroom.


Students members will notice a number of professional opportunities; as students and as new doctors. Those who demonstrate their dedication to the council and chiropractic rehabilitation may be considered for a number of distinguished programs. Visit our opportunities page to see current positions.

Mentorship Program

We are currently vetting rehab specialists to maximize the student experience. Stay tuned for selected opportunities.