What is a Specialty Council?

Knowledge gained through membership in a council can help you meet the unique needs of your patients or help you to expand your practice in exciting areas. Whether it's news and information, best practices, continuing education or networking opportunities that you seek, the specialty councils are a great way to dive deeper into the topics that interest you most.

What are the benefits of membership?

Each specialty council offers exclusive benefits to their members. We have arrangements with many different companies to offer steep discounts on products and services, access to leaders in the field, and offer opportunities to volunteer at a national level.

Where does all this content come from?

We have a team of doctors with various concentrated specialties to offer focused information for the public and our members. Our team continues to grow and we encourage docs to share their knowledge and experiences as often as they can.


How is rehab different?

The best available evidence informs doctors that multimodal management that incorporates joint mobilization, active care exercises, and patient education yields the best outcomes. We know you can adjust your patients. Addressing the other areas, Chiropractic Rehabilitation takes a contemporary approach to active care strategies and advances in pain science to heighten patient education. Rehabilitation is different because it can be used across multiple disciplines and patient populations.


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