Welcome future Diplomates!

The next service the Rehab Council looks to provide you is a unified list of courses, programs, and seminars which would count toward required hours to become a Board Certified Diplomate. For those just starting out, visit the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board website to see how earning a Diplomate can enhance your practice.

ACRB Website

The below educational programs develop and refine the skills of chiropractors in contemporary concepts of rehabilitation medicine.

*Future list of courses*

Performance Health Rehab Certificate - A great way to start out. Learn practical application of rehab concepts and the easiest way to start transforming your office. Increase patient numbers, reimbursements, and satisfaction!

Kaizenovate - The Performance Health Rehab Certificate is also available through our partners at Kaizenovate. Additional weekends may be available here.

Rehab2Performance - Nearly all R2P recommended courses qualify for hours toward your diplomate! Take a look at their extensive list of contemporary concepts in rehabilitation to build your personal rehab education.

Rehab Advance Standing Program - Those who have earned certifications and diplomates through the ACA Sports Council are eligible for the advance standing program. Consider joining the next class and fast track your learning today!

We have options for students too!

Student Club Learning - Are you a student looking to learn more? We have a number of topic plans for interested folks who are looking to expand their learning. Read at your leisure or develop them into a club day workshop. The easy to follow guideline gives plenty of direction!

Annual Rehab Symposium - Students (anyone really) can start their learning by attending our annual symposium. Hours attended may even count toward your diplomate! We’re happy to help you on the pathway to advanced standing.