Empower, Educate, Evidence

Our Committee members provide significant support to the council’s mission. From day-to-day operations to planning our exciting annual symposium, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer! See what each committee is currently dedicated to and see where you best fit. Help us make the rehab specialty THE chiropractic standard.

Membership - The expansion and promotion of our membership. Develop and maintain member benefits.

  • Rebekah Wilks (Chair)

  • Abbey Crouse (Secretary)

Education - To develop and offer content based in Chiropractic Rehabilitation. Offer opportunities for advanced studies. Create blog posts, educational videos, and other media promoting current information.

  • Mathew DiMond (Chair)

  • Michael Braccio

  • Various Content Specialists


  • Research - Maintain current Practice Guidelines and update committee on scoping changes in the literature to ensure appropriate development of educational content. Perform annual review of literature for Rehab Journal. Promote Partnership with JCM.

    • Scott Schreiber (Chair - Treasurer)

  • Technical Support - Maintain learning platforms. Request and update online learning environments.

    • OPEN

Technology - To maintain website and social media platforms. Promote material developed by other committees.

  • Michael Braccio (Chair - Social Accounts)

  • Mathew DiMond (Website)

Symposium - Charged with the organization of the Annual Symposium, this audacious responsibility is tasked to our executive council and most trusted committee members.

  • Cindy Petruska (Event Organizer)

  • Amanda Fisher (2nd VP - Vendor Relations)

  • Jeffery Tucker (President)

  • Scott Schreiber (Treasurer - Poster Contest)

  • Abbey Crouse (Secretary)

Academic Liasons - These academicians work with students at their respective colleges to promote the integration of chiropractic rehabilitation. They are charged with teaching coursework, leading clubs, promoting scholarships, and vetting students for our annual poster contest. We aspire to having all colleges represented, so please contact us to complete our list!