At the ACA Rehab Council, we encourage interprofessional innovations for the advancement of patient education, exercise, and everything else to enable patients to live their longest and most physically capable lives.

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  • $100 off ACA Rehab Council Annual Symposium (so if you’re attending, it already covers the cost of membership!)

  • Discounts on products & services from our partners and vendors (see below)

  • Find-a-Doc listing

  • Free advertising on Newsletter*

  • Electronic subscription to Journal of Chiropractic Medicine (JCM)

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  • Eligibility to pursue post-diplomate Specialty Certification (yep, it’s coming!)

  • An extra 10% discount off the ACA member price on select webinars from Learn ACA (example: Non-members (NM) pay full price; ACA members receive 50% discount off NM rate; Rehab Council members receive 10% off ACA member rate!).

    Students members receive :

  • Free membership

  • Scholarship Opportunities - Essay, Poster Contest

  • Social Media Promotions - Topic Videos, Instagram & Facebook sharing

  • Recognition for SACA awards - clout to promote college

  • Mentoring Opportunities - club development, poster mentoring, field/office observation

Current Vendor Discounts for Members:

Biopods - attendees of symposium receive discount on course with 10 free pairs of Biopods

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2K19 Symposium discount - Additional $50 off early registration

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